Mabel Dress Sew Along

14 Lay Second Pocket Bag Zoom SQUARE

2 — Pockets

18—March 2021

In this post, we will sew the pockets on our Mabel Dress.

Mabel Dress Sew Along — 2 — Pockets
Mar 18 2021
7 Place Pocket Bag Matching Notches
8 Sew First Pocket Bag

Place one of your pocket bags onto the front with the right sides facing. Match the notches and pin the pieces together. Stitch a box with your sewing machine using a straight or stretch stitch (if your machine has the capability), from notch to notch, from the outside edge in towards the pocket bag 1cm. With your needle down, turn 90 degrees and continue stitching at 1cm, parallel to the edge. Stitch down to line up with the lower notch, turn back towards outside and stitch towards the edge. You will have created a stitched box along the pocket opening.

9 Snip Pocket

Next, you need to mitre into the upper and lower corners of the box. Do this by snipping into each corner at a 45-degree angle, using very sharp scissors and taking care not to cut into your stitch line.

10 Top Stitch Other Side Pocket Bag

Fold your pocket bag out and press along edge of your pocket opening. Understitch the pocket opening from corner to corner.

12 Pocket Opening
13 Lay Second Pocket Bag

Press again so the wrong sides are together and then place the other pocket piece on top with the right sides together. Match the notches and pin the pocket bags together.

15 Pocket Bags Overlocked Sewn Together

Overlock the pocket bags together around the long, curved edge and then baste the pocket bag to the front on either side of the pocket opening. Repeat for the other pocket.

Now we will sew the shoulders and neckband.

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