Poppy Coat Sew Along

7 Sew Button On Square

6 — Finishing touches

14—July 2021

It's time for the finishing touches! We cover buttons, buttonholes and hem finishing in this post.

Poppy Coat Sew Along — 6 — Finishing touches
Jul 14 2021
43 Pin Hem
44 Pin Sleeve Hem

Fold up the hem as per your pre-pressing at the beginning. Line up the side seams and pin them in place. Ditch stitch 2-3 cm at each side seam, holding the lining out of the way as you sew.

Next, fold up the cuff as per your pre-pressing steps at the beginning. Line up the sleeve seams and ditch stitch 2-3 cm in each seam to secure the cuff hem. Again, hold the lining out of the way as you don’t sew over it.

45 Pin Shoulder

Align the shoulder seam on the sleeve and the shoulder seam on the facing, under the collar. Pin them in place then ditch stitch 3-4cm to secure the facing.

47 Pining Hem All Along Alt View
48 Pining Sleeve Hem All

We will now finish securing the hem and cuffs.

Pin the hem and cuff allowances in place, then turn your coat inside out again.

1 Blind Stitch Hem
49 Blind Stitch Hems

At the coat hem, hand sew with a blind stitch, the hem to the main body.

At each cuff, hand sew with a blind stitch, the cuff hem to the main sleeve.

2 Pin Hole Closed
4 Lining Sewn Closed Zoom

Turn your coat right side out once more.

Pin, and then edge stitch the opening in the sleeve to close. Alternatively, you can hand sew this closed with a blind stitch.

6 Buttonhole Zoom
7 Sew Button On

Mark the buttonhole on the right front using the markings on the pattern as a guide. Sew the buttonhole according to your machine's manual. Sew a button on the left front, as indicated. If you prefer your garment closure to wrap left over right, simply switch the button and buttonhole around.

8 Sleeve Detail
9 Hem Detail

Clip any loose threads, remove any visible basting stitches, then give your Poppy Coat a final press.

Hang Shot Front Red Poppy

Your Poppy Coat is finished!

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