August Skirt Sew Along

Prepairing Square

1 — Interfacing and Pre-Pressing

26—January 2021

First we will block fuse our interfacing and pre-press our pattern pieces.

August Skirt Sew Along — 1 — Interfacing and Pre-Pressing
Jan 26 2021
2 Fusing with Iron
2 Block Fusing Waistband

To ensure accuracy, and to save time, we recommend block fusing your waistband and waistband facing before you begin sewing. Block fusing is when you apply fusible interfacing to a section fabric before cutting out the pattern pieces. Doing it this way mean your pieces won’t stretch out of shape, which can happen if you piece fuse after. It also saves a bit of time as you only need to cut out once!

Once you have block fused your main fabric, trace around the waistband and waistband facing pieces and cut them out.

If you choose to piece fuse keep your pattern pieces close by for reference and make sure they don't stretch out of shape.

3 Press Hem Front
4 Press Hem Back

We recommend that you use an iron to press some areas of your pieces before you begin sewing. This will help to ensure accuracy as you sew and aid in giving your August Skirt a neat and tidy finish.

Start by taking your front and back pieces and pressing the hem seam allowance up 1cm towards the wrong side as indicated by the notch. Next fold the hem up a further 8cm, in line with the notches, and press again. Your finished hem depth will measure 8cm.

5 Press Belt Loops

Fold your belt loop pieces into thirds lengthwise as indicated by the notches with right side out. Your finished belt loop pieces will measure 1.4cm wide.

6 Pocket Bag with Hand

Press your side pocket bags in half at the centre notches, right sides together.

7 Fly Gaurd

Press your zip guard in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together.

Now it is time to sew! Move on to constructing the backs.

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