Cass Pant Sew Along

Waistband and Belt Loops

4 — Waistband and Belt Loops

15—February 2021

Time to construct your waistband!

Cass Pant Sew Along — 4 — Waistband and Belt Loops
Feb 15 2021
2 Press Belt Loops
1 Cut Belt Loops

Next, we will construct the belt loops.

Neaten one long edge of the belt loop pieces with your overlocker, then fold the belt loops into three lengthways with the neatened edge on top. Edgestitch the length of the belt loops on each side then cut belt loops into thirds. You will have six pieces in total.

1 Pin and Sew CB Seam
3 Pressed Open

Now it is time to sew your waistband!

With right sides together pin and sew the centre back seam of the waistband. Do the same with the waistband facing and press seams open.

4 Sew Bias to Wb Facing
6 Pin Bias to Wb Facing 2

Finish the bottom edge of your waistband facing with bias binding. Do this by pinning the right side of the bias binding to the wrong side of the waistband facing. Then, sew along the fold line that is closest to the edge, approximately 6mm. Next, fold the bias binding to the front so the raw edge is enclosed. Make sure the raw edge of the binding is tucked in and pin it closed.

7 Sew Bias to Wb Facing 2

Now, edgestitch the bias binding closed.

You can neaten the waistband facing edge with your overlocker if you would prefer.
8 Pin WB to WB
10 Understitch

With the right sides together, pin the waistband to the waistband facing along the top edge. Sew this seam and then press the seam towards the facing. Under stitch on the waistband facing.

11 Pin and Finish Left End
12 Trim

Now fold your waistband in half lengthwise with right sides together. Pin the short ends closed and then sew them with a 1cm seam. Stop 1cm before the bottom edge.

13 Turn Out
14 Press

Turn your waistband right sides out with the help of a point turner and give it a press.

The next step is to assemble your pants!

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