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10 — Buttons, Buttonholes and Finishing!

23—December 2020

Now time for the final step, buttons and buttonholes!

10 — Buttons, Buttonholes and Finishing!
Dec 23 2020
3 Measure from outside of cuff

Now it is time to sew your buttons and buttonholes.

First, mark your cuffs using the pattern piece as a guide. Sew your buttonhole according to your machine's manual. Then, sew the button opposite.

1 Measure First Button From Base of Collar Stand
2 Measure Next Button 100mm from this point

Now we will do the centre front buttons and buttonholes. The number of buttons will vary depending on which view you have made.

Mark your buttonhole placement on the right centre front, using the markings on the pattern as a guide. There are six buttons down the shirt front, and seven buttons down the dress front, excluding the collar stand. The first buttonhole sits 7.5cm from the bottom edge of the collar stand. Each buttonhole below this is spaced 10cm apart.

Try your shirt or dress on before you sew the buttonholes to check you're happy with the placement. You may wish to increase or decrease their spacing, or even change the number of buttons depending on your personal preference.
4 Sew Buttons on

Sew your buttonholes according to your machine's manual and then sew on your buttons opposite.

If you prefer to garment to closure to wrap left over right, simply switch the buttons and buttonholes around.

1 Shirt Hang shot
4 Dress Hang shot closer

Clip any loose threads and give your garment a final press. Your Bloom Shirt or Dress is finished!

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