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3 — Assemble Shirt and Sew Collar

09—December 2021

In this post we cover sewing the shoulders, collar, sleeves and side seams!

Sparrow Shirt Sew Along — 3 — Assemble Shirt and Sew Collar
Dec 9 2021
1 pinning shoulder
2 shoulder seams

With the right sides together, pin the front to the back at the shoulders.

Sew each shoulder with a 1cm seam. Neaten and then press the seams towards the back

3 pressed collar 1cm

At one neck edge, sew a line of machine basting at 1cm. Fold back and press the neck edge to the wrong side, using the stitching to guide you.

3 pinning collar
4 collar stitched

Fold the collar in half at the notches with the right sides together. This is opposite to your pressing steps at the beginning. Pin each end to hold it in place. Keeping one neck edge folded up, and with a 1cm seam allowance, sew each end closed.

5 cutting collar
6 collar cutting seam allowance

Clip into the point where the collar meets the collar stand. Take care not to cut through your stitching.

Trim the curved edge of the grown-on collar stand, taking care not to get too close to your stitching.

7 collar turned through

Turn your collar right side out, using a point turner to help you with the corners. Give your collar a press.

8 pinning collar to shirt
9 inside collar

Next, we will attach the collar to the shirt.

With the right sides together, pin the raw edge of the collar to the shirt body at the neck edge, matching the notches and seams. Sew together with a 1cm seam.

Press the seam up into the collar.

10 pinning collar
11 finished collar

Pin the collar closed at the neck edge, and then edge stitch from the inside of the shirt.

12 pinning sleeve
13 sleeve stiched
Sleeves and Side Seams

With the right sides together, pin the sleeve to the body matching the notches.

Sew the sleeve to the body with a 1cm seam and then neaten.

Repeat for the other sleeve. Press the seams towards the sleeve.

New sleeve side seam

Pin the side seams together matching the notches and sleeve seam.

Sew together at 1cm and then neaten.

Repeat for the other side. Press both seams towards the back.

Now move on to sewing the hems and doing the finishing touches!

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