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Title page hem finishing touches

4 — Hem and Finishing Touches

09—December 2021

This post goes over the final steps in sewing your Sparrow Shirt, hems, buttons and buttonholes.

Sparrow Shirt Sew Along — 4 — Hem and Finishing Touches
Dec 9 2021
10 pinning sleeve hem
11 finished sleeve hem

Now we will hem the sleeves.

Turn back the 1cm seam allowance and then turn back the hem at the notch and edge stitch the sleeve hem closed. The finished depth of the sleeve hem is 6cm.

13 pinning hem body
12 hem body pressed

Turn back the 1cm seam allowance and press. Then turn back the hem at the notch and press.

Edge stitch the hem closed. The finished depth of the hem is 6cm.

Shirt template buttonhole
1 buttonhole markings

Mark the buttonholes on the right centre front using the button and buttonhole markings on the template as a guide. There are x4 buttons on the shirt placket and x1 button on the collar stand. The collar stand buttonhole is 1.5cm from bottom edge of collar stand and is 1cm in from the curved edge (refer to template included with your pattern). The first buttonhole on the placket sits 2.5cm down from the edge where the collar stand meets the upper placket. The last buttonhole sits 3.5cm from the placket end. The remaining two buttons are 8.5cm apart.

We would recommend you mark these and check that you are happy with the placement before you sew them. You may wish to increase or decrease their spacing, or even add more buttons, depending on your personal preference.

2 sewing button holes
4 cutting buttonholes

Once you are happy with the placement, sew your buttonholes according to your machine’s manual. Carefully cut your buttonholes open.

5 sewing buttons

Sew the buttons to the front left, opposite the buttonholes.

7 pressing collar
6 pressing pleat

Fold your collar down and give it a press.

Give the front pleat a gentle press and clip any loose threads.


Your Sparrow Shirt is complete!

Check out the Sparrow Shirt pattern in our Online Store here. We also have the Sparrow Pant + Short pattern so you can sew the Sparrow Set!

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