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6 — Attach Collar

22—December 2020

In this post, we attach our collar! This step is the same for all three Bloom collar options.

6 — Attach Collar
Dec 22 2020
1 Pin Collar to shirt

Now that we have sewn the yoke, it is time to attach the collar. The method is the same for all three collars. Attach the collar to your shirt or dress body at the neck edge by pinning the raw edge of the collar stand to the right side of the shirt matching the shoulder and centre back notches.

3 First Sem done to attach Collar

Sew the two layers together with a 1cm seam, then press this seam into the collar stand.

4 Pin next part of collar on

Pin the collar stand closed. The folded edge of the collar stand will meet the line of stitching you have just sewn.

5 Sewing collar at machine
6 Rotate and contd sewing collar at machine

Now we will sew the stand closed. With the wrong side of the garment facing up and starting at the left shoulder seam, edge stitch around the entire circumference of the collar stand, finishing at the left shoulder again.

7 Collar is Attached

Now your collar is attached! Give it a press and move on to sewing your sleeves.

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