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8 — Attaching the Cuffs

23—December 2020

Now we will attach the cuffs, or hem your sleeves if you have chosen to make your Bloom Shirt or Dress with short sleeves.

8 — Attaching the Cuffs
Dec 23 2020
1 Pin Cuff to Sleeve
Long Sleeves

If you are sewing a long-sleeved shirt or dress, attach the cuff by pinning the raw edge of the cuff piece to the wrong side of the sleeve, aligning the cuff edges with the sleeve placket opening. Sew this edge with a 1cm seam.

2 Cuff pinned for top stitching
4 Cuff Attached Top Stitch Completed

Press the seam allowance inside the cuff and pin the cuff closed. The edge of the cuff will just meet the previous stitching line. Then, starting at one corner, edgestitch the cuff closed. Give your cuff a press then repeat for the other side.

Next, move on to hemming your shirt or dress.

1 Short Sleeve Pinned
2 Sew Short Sleeve Hem at Machine
Short Sleeves

If you are sewing a short-sleeved shirt or dress fold back the 1 cm seam allowance, then another 3cm for the hem to the wrong side. Pin the sleeve hem in place then edgestitch the hem closed. You may find it easiest to sew your sleeve hems with the garment right side out.

3 Short Sleeve Hem Complete

Give your sleeve hem a press and repeat for the other sleeve.

Next up, hemming your garment!

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