Fog Tee Sew Along

5 Press Short Sleve Hem SQUARE

Fog Tee Sew Along — 1 — Cutting, Interfacing and Pre-Pressing

21—January 2021

In this step we cover how to transfer the pattern markings if you are making a shorter length sleeve, where to place the optional interfacing on the Boatneck View and pre-pressing.

Fog Tee Sew Along — 1 — Cutting, Interfacing and Pre-Pressing
Jan 21 2021
2 Tracing Pattern
3 Extending Line

If you are sewing a short or three-quarter sleeve length Fog Tee you may need to transfer the turnback markings for your size. We are showing you the process for the short sleeve length, but the process is the same for the three-quarter length sleeve.

Start by tracing the sleeve head and arm to the cut length indication line for the sleeve length you want to make. Then mark the cut length line, extending it about 2cm at each end.

4 Move Pattern To Copy Sleeve Turnback
6 Tracing Turnback Using Ruler

Slide your pattern tracing across to the smallest size where the notch and turnback reference notation is. Match the sleeve and hem lines, then trace the notch and turn back to your pattern. Now repeat for the other side.

7 Completed Pattern Trace

Your pattern piece is now ready for cutting!

Once you have cut out all your pattern pieces you will apply the interfacing (if you choose to) and pre-press your pieces.

2 Press Interfacing Boat Neck

If you are sewing the Boatneck view you may wish to apply a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing at the shoulders, this can help provide stability for lighter weight knits. The interfacing strips should be 2cm wide. To get the length, measure the distance from the shoulder edge to the + on the pattern, then add 1cm. You will need four of these strips in total, one for each shoulder on both the front and back pieces.

Once you have applied the interfacing, mark the + point at the end of each shoulder seam, as indicated on the pattern.

3 Measure and Press Boat Neck

If you are sewing the Boatneck view, press the 4cm neck facing to the wrong side. This fold line will run through the + that indicates the end of the shoulder seam. Do this for both the front and back pieces.

10 Neck Band Folded Crew

If you are sewing the crewneck version, fold the neckband in half lengthwise with right sides together and press.

6 Press Body Hem

Now we will fold back and press the 2cm hem to the wrong side on the front and back pieces. This step applies to both the Boatneck and Crewneck views.

5 Press Short Sleve Hem ROTATED
4 Press Long Sleve Hem ROTATED

Fold back and press the 2cm sleeve hem to the wrong side. This will look slightly different depending on whether you are sewing the short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or, long-sleeve version.

Now move on to Step 2 to start sewing!

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