Fog Tee Sew Along

4 Turn And Pin Short Sleeve Hem SQUARE

Fog Tee Sew Along — 4 — Sewing the Hems and Finishing!

21—January 2021

Now for the final steps — sewing the hems, and finishing touches!

Fog Tee Sew Along — 4 — Sewing the Hems and Finishing!
Jan 21 2021
3 Short Sleeve Hem Is Overlocked Crew
4 Turn And Pin Short Sleeve Hem
Sleeve Hems

Neaten the raw edge of the sleeve hem. Then turn back and pin the 2cm hem to the wrong side, as indicated by the notch. The pre-pressing you did at the beginning will help with this.

5 Sew Short Sleeve Hem Crew

Using a twin needle, or your preferred finishing stitch, sew the sleeve hem at 2cm. Repeat for the second sleeve.

1 Overlock Hem Crew
3 Twin Needle Hem Close Up Crew
Body Hem

Neaten the raw edge of your body hem then fold back the 2cm hem wrong sides together and pin in place. Sew the hem with a 2cm hem using a twin needle or your preferred finishing stitch. Sew on the right side of your fabric, starting and finishing at one of the side seams.

6 Stitch In Ditch Sleeve Crew
8 Stitch In Ditch Armpit Crew

Now for the finishing touches!

To keep your seam allowances in place, back tack in the ditch 2-3 stitches in the shoulder seam at the sleeve head. Then, back tack for another 2-3 stitches in the sleeve seam at the underarm. Repeat for both sides

1 Finished Hang Shot Boat
2 Finished Hang Shot Crew

Clip any loose threads and give your Fog Tee a final press — you're all finished!

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